UI Name - Can the text be two lines instead of one?

I would like the buttons on my tool bar to look better. One issue is the names I want are a little too long to only be one line. I’d like the text to wrap (similar to most Revit-made buttons). Is there something I can do to the UI Name feild to tell the text to break into two lines?

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Hey @Sommer !
Yes there is a way to do so ! :slight_smile: You can use “{0}” in order to break line :
UIName wrapping

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Thank you! That was driving me bonkers.

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Haha yes this diserves to be indicated somewhere on the interface. We’ll do something about it :grin:

@m.elayoubi is there a way to save all the configs on a netdrive so everyone who is using it has the same settings as me?

this only seesm to work with large button size,
if I use small button, the next line wont work.

the icon, however, would not work no matter how I set it.

The small buttons can’t have more than one line indeed. That’s just how the revit ribbon works.
For the icons not resizing, I believe black pixels tend to do that (0,0,0 rgb). Can you try with a coloured Icon? It should be better.

The ultimate deployment experience can be achieved with Orkestra Online (subscription needed). However, you can totally share your tools and settings with the free tier . This video illustrates some scenarios : Episode 5 - #Orkestfa for #Revit : Building a ribbon! - YouTube

Let me propose to my manager and see how it goes.
I personally prefer a paid service for commercial use since it’s so much easier for me to request for service without feeling guilty lol.

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