Input Node Visible in Orkestra Input Preview, does not display in Revit

I’m using these Orchid nodes for Materials drop-down selection.

and they display correctly with the Orkestra input form preview

but the script doesn’t generate a UI pane when i run from Revit using the Orkestra Addin.

Hi there @mclough !
You mean the watch node you set as Output ?
Oh I think I just understood! You mean that the UI doesn’t get generated at all when running from Orkestra without opening Dynamo right ?

correct. The script is noted as run (with warning), but doesn’t prompt the UI as though no nodes are marked as Inputs.

Understood. Can you please try the following :

  • open dynamo (with orchid loaded)
  • close dynamo and retry running the script throigh Orkestra

If this works , then it most likely has something to do with the fact that Orchid uses a dynamo viewextention to load some of it’s resources.

yeah, if i try to access the script through orkestra after opening it in dynamo the UI displays as expected.

Alright then I’m 99% sure it’s the view extension thing… we recently had something similar reported. I don’t think Orchid is open source so unfortunately we won’t be able to figure what the view extension does… now this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but I think it’ll adress your issue since you’re just displaying two drop downs and then sending that to a python node. I think OkPy might be a nice alternative :smile:! + it will load and run much faster ! I just published a materials input through the OkPy Online Custom inputs browser if you’re interested :grin: