Orkestra UI Idea

I was talking with my team and something that came up was the idea that it would be really useful to be able to copy content from the ‘Output’ panel. We often link a watch node as an output so users can review elements created or modfied, but someone offered that it would be nice to be able to get those outputs in a portable format.

you can sort of do this with Watch nodes in the dynamo editor, just not in the Orkestra UI.

we could add the ability to export these outputs on every script that needs them, but it would be great to just be able to copy the contents of the Watch similar to the way you can in the Dynamo editor

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Yess!! That’s a great idea @mclough . You can expect to see this in the next iteration.
Any thoughts on how nested lists should be copied on the clipboard? I was thinking waybe with list index info like :
[0] List
[0,1] Item one in list 0
[0,2] Sublist
[0,2,1] Item 1 in sublist

Or do you think the way it works in the Watch node copy is better information?

@mclough we forgot to update this thread but this has been introduced since 1.8.0 !

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