Online workspace - how to update online definitions?

I am not able to sync workspace the folders and files i have created recently does not appear in online workspace

Hi there @morpheus ,
Thanks for reaching out!
What exactly do you mean by sync workspace folders?

the local directory is populated with new graph but its not reflecting online

Thank you for this info. Though I’m still not 100% certain I understand, I believe wou may be expecting local changes to be automatically updated in the platform like they would in onedrive / sharepoint / google drive. If that is the case then I believe there is a misunderstanding . Orkestra online doesn’t sync the online content automatically with a specified local folder. If you want something updated in Orkestra online, you’ll have to do one of the following:

  • upload the modified definition
  • open the definition in Dynamo and hit “Push to Orkestra” in the Orkestra View Extension for Dynamo
  • if the definition is opened from the cloud, you can hit the cloud “Save” button in the Orkestra View Extension for Dynamo . This will update the definition at it’s current cloud location.

I hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to follow up with more detail on the issue!

so I have to open graph from Orkestra online always

If the intent is to open , modify, and have those modifications saved in the cloud, then yes! And the easiest way to perform this interaction is to open the graph from the Orkestra Online View Extension for Dynamo .

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