OkPy UI elements not visible for other users

With OkPy scripts, is there something you have to do to enable the UIs to display correctly? We’re trying out our first OkPy script deployment and the UIs display correctly for me, but not other users. they just see the overall frame, but not the specific inputs

i tried publishing each of the inputs and resaving the scripts to Orkestra.

Hey there @mclough ,

this is SO GREAT! :slight_smile: I mean the deployment of the OkPy tool , not the issue it’s giving you.

There is nothing special to do, an OkPy tool contains all the info it need to run. Are you and your users on the same version of Orkestra ?

@mclough this probably related to this issue in 1.8.0 that was fixed in 1.8.1 : OkPy Issues · Issue #238 · OrkestraOnline/Orkestra_Online · GitHub

hmm. i’ve verified they’re on 1.8.1 and still get the behavior. what do you recommend checking to figure out what the issue is?

Would you mind sending the okpy file to helpdesk@orkestra.online ? Will take a look at it and let you know my findings

Thank you so much for sending the elements. This apprears to be linked to the issue that was introduced in 1.8.0 and fixed in 1.8.1 . To fix this, you can change this in the .okpy file :

into this
OkPy.Models.OkInputModel, OkPy

Apologies for this bug , it is specific to tools saved in 1.8.0 only.
This is a background effort we’re making to detangle OkPy from the Orkestra Core completely, so we can Open Source it at some point!

after updating everyone to 1.8.2 and reloading the definitions in the hub, users are able to see the inputs.

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