Issues Keeping Code Blocks Populated After Dynamo Script Deployment

Hello! I’m finding a new issue as of the past few days (I believe) with some scripts that contain code blocks - when running these scripts via Quick Access, the code blocks return null values rather than their strings. Opening up these scripts in Dynamo through Orkestra, I see the issue persists though creating a new code block with the exact same string typed in will return a successful run. I’m on Orkestra 1.8.3 and the script being run is relatively simple, merely capitalizing view names. I was wondering if anyone else was encountering the same issue with code blocks - I have somewhat of a similar experience using Notes in the Grasshopper version of Orkestra as well when deploying Grasshopper scripts so the issue could be related.

Hi there @jblanchard !
Thanks so much for reporting this. Would it be possible to share a screebshot of the codeblocks producing this ?
It sounds like it could be one of four things :

  • a change in an ootb method between dynamo versions
  • issue with the data being passed to the codeblock
  • a method used in the code block that is from a zero touch package
  • a bug we aren’t aware of !:sweat_smile:

Looking forwarw to figuring this one out .

Hi Mostafa,

Here’s what we’re running with, after opening the Orkestra-deployed version and hitting Run:

Though these are fairly simple strings, even hooking up a String converter didn’t help and the only thing that fixed a run was to make a new Code Block, copy/paste the string, and reattach the wires. Any advice is greatly appreciated!