ERROR when change path of scripts

I faced issue when we changed path where our dynamo scripts sits in our disc and I wanted update path in orkestra, but is impossible. It only push up warning: "Could not find a part of the path ‘[my old path]’

Is there any workaround how I can change it?

hey there @AnnaP ! Thank you very much for your message. And Welcome to the Orkestra Forum !! :slight_smile:

There is no built in solution for local QuickAccess path update (it’s on our to do list though).

There are two possible solutions for this:

  • Through the UI, You can’t redirect settings, but you can export them (export with all ressources) then reimport them at desired location. You’ll have to delete the existing quickaccesses in between to avoid duplicates though. We should think of a way to make this easier to achieve …
  • You can open the usersettings.xml file stored in %appdata%\orkestra , and modify the paths of your quickaccesses directly there. Ctrl+H would be an efficient way of replacing all instances of the old path by the new one.

I hope this helps !

for now only what helped was delete all elements bellow quick access in usersettins.xml. Thank you for sharing path! It will be great to have possiblity to change it from revit, but as you said for now is nothing like this. I need redo my work and remember to create export as a backup


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