Error message :"String référence not set to an instance of a string. Parameter name: s"

closing every time I open Orkestra online.

Hey there @morpheus !
Is that an image or a video ? Can you try copy pasting it directly here ? I’ve tried opening it but it appears to be locked .

i cant upload anything here

Thanks for sharing this @morpheus .
This error message has been reported before and is usually due to the local settings getting corrupted. I’m not sure exactly what caused it , but deleting the %appdata%/orkestra/UserSettings.xlm and restarting revit should solve it. If you could share the .xml file before deleting it it would be helpful for us as ut would maybe allow us to identify what got it corrupted.

IMPORTANT NOTE : deleting the usersettings.xml file will cause the loss of your local workspace , quickaccess and playlists sett8ngs. Everything online will remain exaclty the same though.