Client side: Unable to find selected python engine

Hey there,

I have been using Orkestra for two years now with Revit 2021, now we decided to update to a newer version of Revit 2024. Have had some problems with deployment.

I transferred some of my older scripts built on top of ironpython 2, which runs great with no problem with deployment. I have added some new features to my script in Cpython3. So now my script both has ironpython2 and Cpython3.

Everything test great on my side (developer side). However, when my colleagues run my script on the client side. The script fails with the following error message

State Warning, Message: Unable to find selected python engine 

State Warning, Message: Unable to find selected python engine 

State Warning, Message: Unable to find selected python engine 

This error message is weird to me. As I have updated the workspace package setting with the ironpython2 pkg. (This did not help)

I tried debugging, by loggin into my colleagues’ account and test my code on my computer but with his account. Everything works perfectly.

So it seems to me that there are two ways to go (to fully transfer everything to Cpython3, would take a lot of time, I hope this is will be my plan B)

The other option would be to make my script work with both Cpython3, and ironpython2, which seems to me to be the best choice for now.

Has anyone had this issue? How do I make my script run on the client side with both Cpython3 and ironpytho2?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

I am going to answer my own question. This happened when I created a new workspace for Revit 2024. After migrating all my scripts, the Orkestra UI has shown a yellow warning sign at the bottom left of the UI window. (Before when I had problem with deployment I didn’t pay attention to this button, even though that my packages are uploaded).

After clicking on that yellow button, a synching sign show up (Though it never went away (I waited around 30-40min to make sure that it most probably have uploaded to the cloud server). After that I tried again with my colleagues account and it is now working perfectly.

Silly me for missing something rather obvious.


Hey there @tianyaoh ! Thanks so much for reporting this, and sharing the solution ! :grin:

Super glad things work as expected.

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